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Global Rules Empty Global Rules

on April 18th 2019, 6:51 pm

(1) No insulting. This includes remarks regarding race, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.

(2) No harassing. This includes repeated passive aggressive comments to the same member.

(3) No adult content. This includes anything that could be considered as pornographic, grotesque, or disturbing.

(4) Refrain from excessive trolling, spamming, cursing, or other uncivil behavior. 

(5) Limit arrogance, condescension, gloating, mockery, and other toxic behavior. 

(6) Banter is acceptable insofar as it is actually banter. If a member asks you to stop, then stop.

(7) Keep threads on-topic and avoid responding to comments that are off-topic. 

(8) No doxxing or posting private conversations without consent.


As of 26 January 2020, moderators are @Azronger, @Bart, @DarthAnt66, @LSDMB, @The Ellimist, @Meatpants and @Praxis.


Punishments for breaking the rules will go as follows, with (X) designating the number of infractions:

(1) First warning. 

(2) Second warning.

(3) Banned for one day.

(4) Banned for one week.

(5) Banned for one month.

(6) Permanently banned. 

One infraction point will be dropped per a month of good behavior.

In the case of a severe infraction, moderators have the discretion to issue an immediate permanent ban.


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Suspect Insight
Suspect Insight

Global Rules Empty New Rules and Features - 9/9/2019 Update

on September 9th 2019, 7:23 pm
Message reputation : 100% (1 vote)

We thank everyone for helping Suspect Insight Forums explode with over 100 users and almost 20,000 posts in under five months. As we recruit users from other platforms, please remember to be respectful and patient to new arrivals. Some debating platforms may utilize entirely different methodologies or hold unique character rankings. What may seem intuitively obvious to you may be utterly foreign to someone else. Rather than insult or mock any new point-of-view, instead engage in a discussion and explain why you believe what you believe. Belittling a new user will not change their beliefs but will actively discourage new membership. 

To help foster a more welcoming environment, users are no longer allowed to give short "X wins" responses to any thread created by a new user -- defined by any user who registered within the last 30 days or have under 100 posts. Please give at least a sentence or two explanation (which can easily be done in under thirty seconds).


The rewards and rankings of Suspect Insight has been overhauled into a merit-based system driven by the community. A red star will now be visible toward the top right of every post. Users can click the red stars of posts that they believe are worthy of recognition. Users will only be able to select a maximum of two posts per day -- so choose wisely. This revised system aims to encourage members to articulate their beliefs and engage in discussions rather than provide simple one-word responses.

Global Rules Post_e12

The star system will replace the current post-driven user rankings. Users will receive one star per every one star rewarded to them by other members. Users will also receive 100 stars in bulk per every 1,000 posts made or Suspect Showdown (SS) debate victory. Users will "level-up" per every 100 stars, with sixteen obtainable levels. These rankings can be found beneath a user's profile picture. Users will have the option to upload customizable signatures visible beneath their posts at level eight.

Level One (100 stars):
Global Rules Xs3G5hg

Level Four (400 stars):
Global Rules LsGLTen

Level Eight (800 stars): 
Global Rules DJBqfCe

Level Twelve (1200 stars):
Global Rules CaFk9Zt

Level Sixteen (1600 stars):
Global Rules Z14QxgZ

Users will be able to track the exact star count of any member by clicking a username via the memberlist or in a thread. Note some users may already have a few extra stars due to feature testing or the now-removed "heart" button that allowed thread-makers to reward their favorite response with three stars.

The star system will only be available on the web version. If you use a mobile device and wish to participate, press the the navigation bar and switch to "web version."
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