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on April 18th 2019, 6:51 pm

(1) No insulting. This includes remarks regarding race, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.

(2) No harassing. This includes repeated passive aggressive comments to the same member.

(3) No adult content. This includes anything that could be considered as pornographic, grotesque, or disturbing.

(4) Refrain from excessive trolling, spamming, cursing, or other uncivil behavior. 

(5) Limit arrogance, condescension, gloating, mockery, and other toxic behavior. 

(6) Banter is acceptable insofar as it is actually banter. If a member asks you to stop, then stop.

(7) Keep threads on-topic and avoid responding to comments that are off-topic. 

(8) No doxxing or posting private conversations without consent.


As of 21 September 2020, moderators are @Master Azronger, @Bart, @DarthAnt66, @Meatpants, @Praxis, @Nute_Chethray, and @Jacob218


Rankings revolve around a merit-based system dictated by the community. A red star is visible toward the top right of every post. Users can click the red stars of posts that they believe are worthy of recognition. Users will only be able to select a maximum of two posts per day. This system aims to encourage members to articulate their beliefs and engage in discussions rather than provide simple one-word responses. Users will receive one star per every one star rewarded to them by other members. Users will also receive 100 stars in bulk per every 1,000 posts made or Suspect Showdown (SS) debate victory. Users will "level-up" per every 100 stars, with sixteen obtainable levels. These rankings can be found beneath a user's profile picture. The star system is only be available on the web version.

Global Rules Post_e12

Signatures will become available to all members at level 3 (300 stars). They are banners that will appear below your posts. To activate your signature, go to Profile -> Preferences -> "Always attach my signature" -> "Yes," then go to Profile -> Signature. Signatures can only be images with the maximum dimensions of 540x150 pixels. 

Level One (100 stars):
Global Rules Xs3G5hg

Level Four (400 stars):
Global Rules LsGLTen

Level Eight (800 stars): 
Global Rules DJBqfCe

Level Twelve (1200 stars):
Global Rules CaFk9Zt

Level Sixteen (1600 stars):
Global Rules Z14QxgZ

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