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How to prolong your life  - Page 2 Empty Re: How to prolong your life

on February 26th 2020, 9:58 pm
@The Ellimist wrote:There's this idea called "terminal life expectancy", where new tech could increase your life expectancy at a faster rate than you age, and so you would get to functional biological immortality before actual biological immortality was achieved. I think there's a decent chance that this happens in our lifetimes, depending on a variety of factors (honestly, the main limiting point probably isn't the development of the tech itself, but rather the extent to which society will be stable for that long).
In the most respectful way possible.

If you die young, I will mourn your loss, but also chuckle. Because that's just the kind nut i am.   How to prolong your life  - Page 2 2266747095
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