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The Fifty Day Plan Empty The Fifty Day Plan

on January 25th 2020, 10:16 pm
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Suspect Insight Forums - The Fifty Day Plan

Hello Suspect Insight community. I want to first thank everyone for making the last nine months such a great success. We have accumulated 44,000 posts, 171 members, and over 1,000,000 page views. As we move into 2020, I am excited to announce many new changes to the forum that will be implemented across the next fifty days.


Members are encouraged to participate in closed one-vs-one member Star Wars versus debates, known as "Suspect Showdowns." Factions are a new way for members to keep track of their debating achievements and offer a roleplaying element to the forums. Members can choose between the "dark side," "light side," and "neutral" factions, denoted by having red, blue, or black usernames respectively. To join the "dark side" or "light side" factions, go to Usergroups -> "Which group would you like to join?" -> then select a faction. Choose wisely! The "dark side" and "light side" factions have nine ranks for members to climb. Open the "spoiler" tags to read the ranks:

Light Side rankings:

Tier 9 - The Chosen One
Tier 8 - Jedi Grand Master
Tier 7 - Jedi Battlemaster
Tier 6 - Jedi Councillor
Tier 5 - Jedi Master
Tier 4 - Jedi Knight
Tier 3 - Jedi Padawan
Tier 2 - Jedi Youngling
Tier 1 - Republic Trooper

Dark Side rankings:

Tier 9 - The Sith’ari
Tier 8 - Sith Emperor
Tier 7 - Emperor’s Wrath
Tier 6 - Dark Councillor
Tier 5 - Darth
Tier 4 - Sith Lord
Tier 3 - Sith Apprentice
Tier 2 - Sith Acolyte
Tier 1 - Sith Trooper[hideedit]

General rules:

Members must participate in Suspect Showdowns to climb the ranks of the "light side" and "dark side" factions. 

If you debate someone with a higher rank than you:
- You rise one rank after winning the debate.
- You stay the same rank after losing the debate.

If you debate someone with the same rank as you:
- You rise one rank after winning the debate.
- You fall one rank after losing the debate.

If you debate someone with a lower rank than you:
- You stay the same rank after winning the debate.
- You fall one rank after losing the debate.

You cannot fall below tier 1, so tier 1 light side and dark side members can refuse any debate without penalty.

Light Side rules:

The light side track offers a peaceful and cooperative debating experience. Camaraderie is both expected and emphasized, and debates among fellow light siders should be seen as "sparring." The Champion of the Light—the highest ranked light side member—can demote or exile any other light side member at their discretion, especially for uncivil behavior. However, this ruling can be blocked by a faction-wide member vote that requires a 50% + (leader's tier ranking x 5) majority. 

Dark Side rules:

The dark side track is "war made manifest." Against light-siders, debating consequences are DOUBLE the effect of the general rules (e.g. you fall two ranks after losing a debate or rise two ranks after winning a debate). Against other dark-siders, the general rules are expanded upon:
- If two dark-siders are equally ranked and one gives a debate challenge, the other must accept*. If they do not, the refusing dark-sider falls TWO ranks.
- A higher ranked dark-sider can refuse up to three consecutive debate challenges from lower ranked dark-siders before they must accept*.
- A lower ranked dark-sider can refuse debate challenges from higher ranked dark-siders besides the Champion of Darkness—the highest ranked dark-sider.

The Champion of Darkness can exile any other dark-sider at their discretion through challenging and defeating them in a formal debate. However, this underling can try to find another dark-sider to debate for him, or rally many dark-siders together to help research and write the posts. The Champion cannot back out of the debate after challenging the underling, even if another dark-sider takes the underling's place. If the Champion is defeated, they fall THREE ranks. 

*In cases where a dark-sider must accept a debate challenge, the challenger must offer at least three debate choices. If the challenged refuses all three and no agreement can be reached, the Champion of Darkness will offer debate choices. If the challenger refuses the new choices, the debate will be dropped. A challenger falls one rank if they refuse the Champion's choices three times consecutively. If there is currently no Champion, the debate will be dropped without challenger penalty. 

Neutral rules:

Neutral members will not have rankings. If a dark-sider or light-sider defeats a neutral member, they will rise one rank; if they lose, they will fall one rank.

Switching sides:

Falling to the dark side or being redeemed yields dramatic consequences. 
- If a light side member wishes to convert to the dark side, they will start at one higher tier than before if they is already at least tier 4. Otherwise, they will restart at tier one.
- If a dark side member wishes to convert to the light side, they will restart at tier one. 


After reaching tier nine of their faction, the light-sider or dark-sider is allowed to permanently join the "balance" faction, denoted by a purple username. 


These rankings apply for all Suspect Showdowns. For tournaments or cross-faction debates, a panel of moderators will decide who won. For one-on-one "Suspect Showdowns" where both debaters are of the same faction, half of the vote will be weighed by a faction-wide member vote and the other half by a panel of moderators. 

Other Announcements:

- Chat Box Fridays: A chat box will be opened toward the top of Suspect Insight every Friday for members to socialize with one-another.

- The forum designs will soon be overhauled and replaced with a dark mode

- @MasterCilghal, @Meatpants, and @Praxis have been promoted to moderator. They will help enforce the rules and expedite judging and tournaments.

- Signatures will become available to all members at level 3 (300 stars). They are banners that will appear below your posts. To activate your signature, go to Profile -> Preferences -> "Always attach my signature" -> "Yes," then go to Profile -> Signature. Signatures can only be images with the maximum dimensions of 540x150 pixels. 

- Suspect Messenger: Located at the bottom right corner of any page, this feature allows users to quickly respond to any thread on the forum. 

The Fifty Day Plan Messen11

Ongoing Tournaments:

(1) Top Fifteen Tournament - A vote-in list for the top fifteen "most powerful" Star Wars characters that best captures the consensus of the community.

(2) Tyrannical Ten Tournament - Our first closed debate tournament. Only one debate remains until the championship.

(3) The Apprenticeship Tournament - Ran by EmperorCaedus, this closed debate tournament divides eight rising debaters among four guiding mentors. These groups of two debaters and one mentor collaborate against the other teams in the aim of developing the research and cooperation abilities of all participants.

Future Tournaments:

(1) Instant Heroes Tournament - Our second closed debate tournament, featuring timed posts with low character counts, will be resumed. 

(2) Canon Debate Tournament - Our third closed debate tournament focused around Disney's Star Wars universe will soon open.

(3) Fireside Chat Series - Once a week, a character-specific thread will be opened to share and discuss their feats, accolades, powers, etc. Afterwards, the moderator staff will construct a short and concise respect thread for the character based on the thread's conclusions. Rewards will be given to key participants.


Please direct all comments or questions to the "User Help & Suggestions Thread" found here:

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