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The Flood (Halo) invade the Star Wars universe Empty The Flood (Halo) invade the Star Wars universe

on January 24th 2020, 8:37 am
Using Precursor technology, the Flood end up in the Star Wars universe during the height of Palpatine's rule. Beginning in the Outer Rim, the Flood start on Tatooine and quickly infect all life on the planet, allowing them to form a Gravemind. 

Obi-Wan was able to escape with Luke before the Flood consumed them, and along with the Rebel Alliance they have formed a temporary truce with the Galactic Empire to stop this new and devastating threat.

Will they succeed? 


  • The SW factions have no prior knowledge of the Flood. Everything they need to know they have to learn themselves. The only thing they know is that the Flood will wipe them all out if they don't stop it.
  • The Flood has assimilated the knowledge and memories of everyone on Tatooine, giving it knowledge of star maps, hyperspace routes, how to use SW technology, etc.
  • The Flood cannot launch suicide attacks on the Core Worlds. They can however do this on the rest of the galaxy. The Flood must first take over the rest of the galaxy before attacking the Core Worlds.
  • The Empire and Alliance have perfect teamwork and coordination, and they will do whatever they have to to stop the Flood. 
  • The Rebels and Empire get all of the tech they had from ANH onwards (Death Star, Death Star II, etc). 
  • The Flood have already dispatched infection and spore forms from Tatooine, so the Empire can't just obliterate the planet. 
  • The Flood do not have access to any Halo technology, only what they find (Death Stars, star destroyers, blasters, lightsabers, etc). 
  • The Flood can use the Force if they infect a Force user. Their power will increase according to the number and power of the Force users they assimilate. For example, if 5 Jedi are infected the entire Flood hive gains the combined of those 5 Jedi.
Wandering Jedi
Wandering Jedi

The Flood (Halo) invade the Star Wars universe Empty Re: The Flood (Halo) invade the Star Wars universe

on January 29th 2020, 6:39 pm
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