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Level Six
Level Six

Heroes vs villains Empty Heroes vs villains

on January 17th 2020, 4:25 pm

Composite feats for everyone.

Darth Vader:

Heroes vs villains Giphy.gif?cid=790b76115d34bdf7156e0467651f7cf83eb26408c2aa2ffc&rid=giphy 

Heroes vs villains L9Aeld

And Darth Sidious:

Heroes vs villains CostlySmoggyGoldfinch-size_restricted


Han Solo:

Heroes vs villains SparklingOldfashionedKawala-size_restricted

and Lando Carlrissian:

Heroes vs villains Tumblr_m1xyzdN5gE1qf092po1_r1_400

Which team has the better dance moves? 

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