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A simple happiness hack Empty A simple happiness hack

on January 16th 2020, 1:03 am
Basically the idea is to find or generate a happy feeling and then feedback loop it into something stronger. The steps:

1. Relax (if you tense up while doing this too much you might just get too anxious about trying to do it)
2. Find a happy sensation
3. Amplify the sensation
Repeat as needed

Relax - get in a comfortable state, relax your muscles, try to put your problems to the side if for a moment.

Find a happy sensation - a few possible ones:

  • Wishing happiness for someone or group that you find easy to wish for, whether that be yourself, a close friend, a puppy, etc., and doing so via visualization and/or a phrase like "may you be happy" (see: loving-kindness meditation)
  • Noticing a pleasant sensation, which can be something as simple as the feeling of drinking fresh water or the relaxation of sitting down
  • Invoking a happy memory or something you're looking forward to
  • Noticing something beautiful
  • Generating gratitude
  • (If you can) consciously letting go of something that is bothering you, maybe through visualizing and/or a mantra¬†

Or something's surprisingly easy to come up with something that will give you at least a small feeling.

Amplify the sensation - a few ways to do this:

  • Keep doing the thing that caused you to generate the sensation in the first place, whether it be noticing something or imagining a positive memory
  • Focus on the sensation of happiness itself

And then move between these as necessary - e.g. relax if you get tensed, find another sensation if you lose the one or it gets dull, etc.

This relates to kinds of meditation, though I framed it in a more casual way. Happy to hear your thoughts!
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