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Is it wrong to seek to violently beat up your abuser/bully? - Page 2 Empty Re: Is it wrong to seek to violently beat up your abuser/bully?

April 23rd 2020, 7:18 pm
My answer is that if it's in retaliation sure it may be wrong but there are some instances where I can't blame the person. 

One of my friend's had someone murder her friends dog and she spent two weeks looking for the guy and when she found him she broke his hand. Ok sure it may be morally wrong but if someone murdered my parrot I'd probably do the same thing. 

Same thing when this kid I knew who struggled with suicide was constantly getting bullied by this crazy SJW girl and he eventually beat the shit out of her in the dinning room. Like I get that it's not the best response but if someone's struggling with suicide and you know this it's generally a good idea not to harass them about it. 

As far as fighting goes I only fight people if they're attacking me, someone else, trying to take my property, or if I feel the need to create space if they're threatening me which in that case you're better off throwing a throat strike and then running.
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